Paweena Promkot (Founder)

''The sun rises in the East and set in the West, One cannot happen without the other."
This balance of Yin and Yang, of two worlds in rhythmatic harmony underpins Paweena Promkot's philosophy to life and her approach to holistic therapy. Her journey bagan in the jungel village of Yasothron in her homeland of Thailand. As a child, whenever she became unwell her mother would not only give her medicine but massage her too. This hands-on daily care helped the young Paweena to recover faster than would be expected.
As the years progresses, Paweena recognised the benefits of massage in the healing process, not only for the body, but the soul too. She became intrigued by massage's effect on both physical and emotional health, and so began her search for the connection between healing and massage, and the perfect balance for holistic therapies.

Travelling the world from Thailand to Spain, India to the UK, Paweena's quest brought her in contact with gurus, healers and therapists from a diversity of cultures, arts and practices (training under such esteemed teachers as Chaotroo Medee and Serge Palotti With her foundation in Thai massage, She went on to acquire knowledge and experience in body balancing, acupuncture, Western sports massage, facial therapies, Thai-osteo, Kineiology taping and fitness training, among many other treatments. Paweena continues to expand her skill base of both traditional and modern treatments, combining all that she has learnt into a personal style that offers the best of the West and the greatest of the East.
Today Paweena passes on the same family tradition of healing massage to her own children. For her clients and students, she offers a wealth of treatments, massages and therapies, ensuring that her work heals the body, mind and soul.
Paweena lives in Hurstpierpoint, West sussex with her husband and two children.
“There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference to someone's life."
- Paweena Promkot